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2010-09-14 10:52 pm

short stories all around

Still working on the new short story. Hopefully to have it done by the November deadline. Then there's the short-short story. Deadline Dec 1st. Go figure.
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2010-09-02 07:43 pm

songs and drawings

Lookin' to submit a song. ... Shall I? Or shall I just be chicken poop about it?

One of these days I need to upload some old skool artwork too. Old skool as in stuff I did a while ago.
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2010-08-21 02:05 pm

I need an icon

I have to find a dreamy/creative icon for my journal here. Hm. ... I'll come up with something. Just not in the dreamy/creative mood at the moment. ;) :/ But I'll come up with SOMETHING.
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2010-08-20 07:32 pm


Well here I am. :) This seems right up my road. Love it. Live it.

I shall upload my userpic and make this place a little bit prettier later. (Not with my userpic. Lawd knows that won't be that pretty!!)